Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly recommend you be careful with what software you install on your computer. We offer paid software with a development team, and have spent many hours developing our software.



Cheats are almost always disallowed in online games, so your account is always at risk of being disabled. While our cheats are updated to be undetected by games or the anti-cheat systems they use, our cheats are also not undetectable, meaning they can be detected when a game developer or anti-cheat provider makes a very concerted effort to find them. While our cheats have a very good record against anti-cheat providers, you are never 100% safe when cheating, and should not use a cheat with any game account you cannot afford to lose. More recently, companies have begun implementing systems like Fairfight into their game, which uses server statistics analysis to find probable cheaters. Unfortunately there is no perfect way to protect against this kind of tracking, as it uses basic information like kills, deaths, accuracy, score, and other metrics to determine how likely you are to be a cheater. We cannot protect you entirely against this system, but our cheats have features that make it easier to avoid detection, that makes our cheats undetected.