Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - 12$

✔ Lifetime (pay only once)

✔ Aimbot Bone

✔ Aimbot Spotted Only

✔ Aimbot Movement Prediction

✔ Aimbot Smooth

✔ Aimbot Recoil Control

✔ ESP On/Off Switch

✔ ESP Enemy/Team/Health/Weapons/Bomb C4

✔ Radar Enemy/Radar Bomb C4

✔ Triggerbot On/Off Switch

✔ Triggerbot Delay/Triggerbot Key

✔ Bunnyhop On/Off Switch

✔ Skin Paintjob/Skin Wear/Skin Stattrak/Skin Nametag

✔ Knifechanger

✔ Custom/Hidden Load Messages (for streaming or LAN)

✔ Multithreading

✔ Disable/Enable threads in config

Aimbot with LEGIT and RAGE mode

Triggerbot with LEGIT and RAGE mode

✔ Aimbot On/Off Switch

Wallhack wont be seen while streaming/recording.

A so called Aimbot also know as Aim Assist, Auto Aim, Aimlock is a piece of software or a part of a software known as cheat or hack for games, mostly online and competitive games. The aimbot assist the player during battles helping him staying on the enemy with his sights which increases the accuracy and help landing more bullets on the enemy.



An aimbot is one of the most popular and key factor feature in a game cheat especially for CS:GO. So why is that? Well, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a competitive first person shooter where your aim is what you have to rely in all of your battles regardless of it being a 1 on 1 situation or you are fighting against multiple enemies simultaneously. Therefore it is necessary to have your aim on point during the match to win as many fights as possible.



The information an ESP provides is already given by the game. Usually it is just hidden from the player. Our csgo private hacks collect the information your system has on the game and visualizes it in form of a wallhack glowing players through walls, radar red dots, etc. Furthermore all the main weapons such as AK, M4, AWP, SSG, Glock, USP, P2000, etc. can be customized individually in terms of smoothness, aiming position spot, aimlock key, etc.